Meet the Divas

Diva Eve ~ Loves to create.  She loves to work with fresh water pearls, and natural stones.  She has a loving husband, is the mother of a wonderful daughter and son and the grandmother of a beautiful granddaughter and grandson. Diva Eve is a beading instructor at a local Art & Craft Store in Dedham Massachusetts. 

Diva Dee ~ Loves earrings that dangle.  She is the mother of a wonderful daughter, the grandmother of a loving granddaughter and grandson, and the great-grandmother of a great-granddaughter and great-grandson. Diva Dee is a community leader, beading student, and an emerging jewelry designer. 

Diva Saundra ~ Taught herself most of the crafts she loves to do. Some of her favorites are weaving, tatting and jewelry making. She also likes to knit, crochet, cross stitch and various other crafts. She loves working with natural fibers and items such as cotton, wood and bone.
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